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Why Design?

Why Design?


One of my favorite questions to ask designers when I first meet them is why did they pick (or fall into) the design field? Why do I ask this question? Because the answers have been enlighting, insightful, and honestly eye opening to a young designer such as myself. It's fun to hear about how people's passion for the trade has grown, how they got their big break, their happy moments, and their hardships. In many ways, it has given insight into what I'm about to get myself into after college. 

The reason I started asking this question in the first place is that I come from a non-design background. I thought that was so weird as I was entering a high-class graphic design program... and from day one, I felt like I was always behind because of my short comings and lack of experience compared to the other students. It was thanks to asking this question (why design?) I discovered that my lack of experience and background wasn't an insuperable short coming and that many before me have overcome situations similar to mine to become astounding members in the field. Through conversation, I learned to stay focus, stay hungry and never give up if you want it.

This blog will serve as a place to document why (and how) I and others got into design. As I wrap up my final year of school, it's important to reflect and understand the journey of the past few years to help guide my years ahead. Including with being reflective, I hope this can be inspiration to those who are considering, question or just need a boost in the design field.    

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